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4645N 48 40 N 41 45 N 51 20 N Longitude, 22 O E 10 15 E 9 lo F.o 20 E 4 4o£ Jaca, Arragon, Spain Jaen, Granada, Spain Jaicza, Bofnia, Turky Jameftown, Virginia JERUSALEM, Paleftine, Afia Ingolftat, Bavaria, Germany lufpruck, Aul^ria, Germany Ispahan, Perfia Juanagorod, Ingria, Mofcovy jiidenberg, Auftria, Germany fuiiers, Weftphaly, Germany J urea, Piemont, Italy 37 20 N 37 o N 44 40 N 37 10 N 31 50 N 48 3* N 47 40 N 32 25 N 59 o N 47 10 N 50 20 N 46 o N o 2 »5 75 35 13 14 53 29 'I 7 25W 50W i8£ o W 25 E o B 45 E lo E lo E lo E 45 E 35 B Kaffa, Crim Tartary Kaminiek, Podolia, Poland Kanifca, Hungary Kargapol, Rul Tia Kexholm, Finland, Sweden Kimi, Lapland, Sweden Kiow, Ukrain, Poland Koningfburg, Pruffia Konizeck, or Konicz, Poland |6 o N 49 20 N 61 30 N 61 20 N 65 45 N 50 30 N 54 55 N 54 h N 36 24 14 42 31 24 3« 22 18 5f5E 35 K 55 E o E 10 R 35 E i; E 50 E Largrez, Champagne, France 47 51 N 5 25 E Lanciano, Naples, Italy 41 50 N 1455E Lancicia, Poland 52 15 N 19 40E Land fperg, Poland 5* 55 N 15 25E Landau, Suabia, Germany 48 50 N 8 o E Laodicea, Afia Minor 58 10 N 29 30 B Laon, Laonoife, France 49 30 N 3 45 E Lariffa, Theflaly, Turky in Europe 39 30 N 22 20 E Larta, Eph-us, Greece 49 o N 19 20E Lauback, Auftria, Germany 46 25 N 1 5 56 E Lawenburg, Saxony, Germany 5320N 1045E Leghorn, Tufcany, Italy 43 40 N 11 lo E Lem 39 48 36 35 2 29 S 26 N 34 N 45 N o N 38 N o N 50 N 12N 409 Longitude.

Un das symbolas suivants apparaitra sur la darni Ara imaga da chaqua microficha. The Reafon of this is mod evident, namely the approaching of the Meridians nearer and nearer to one another, till at lad they all unite in the Pole. Dantzick, Poland Dardanells, Turk/ Darmftat, Upper Rhine, Germany Delft, Holland Derbend, near the Cafpian Sea Deventer, United Provinces Deupons, Upper Rhine, Germany Die, Dauphiny, France Dijon, Burgundy, France Dole, Burgundy, Franc* Doit, Low Countries, Holland Do'vay, Flanders Drefden, Saxouy, Germany Drontheim, Norway Dublin, Ireland Dunkirk, France Durazzo, Albania, Turky Dui Tcldorp, We Hphaly, Germany Latitude', Longitude* 22 N o N 30 N 10 N o N' 56 N 10 N 4'; N 20 N 46 50 N 51 45 N 12 N 6N o N 50 N 2N 40 N o N 54 40 49 52 42 5» 49 44 47 SO l\ 54 5» 40 19 28 9 4 'I 7 5 5 5 4 3 »3 10 7 2 17 7 30 E o E 15E 10 E o E o E 15E 25 E o E 45 E 30 E 30 E 50 E ic E 20 W 30 E 45 E 5E Edinburg, Scotland Elbing, Poland Ellenera, Extremadura, Spain Elfinburg, Sconen, Sweden Emden, Weflphaly, Germany Embrun, Dauphiny, France Enchuyfen, Holland Ephefus, Natolia, Afia Erfort, Saxony, Germany Ef Teck, Sclavonia Eftella, Navare, Spain Evora, Portugal Eureux, Normandy, France Eyfenac, Saxony, Germany 56 N 20 N o N lo N 40 N co N co N 40 N 35 N 15N 10 N 48 55 N 50 40 N 55 54 47 56 53 44 5* 37 5° 45 42 38 3 o E to 30 E 445W 13 lo E 7 X5E 6 20B 4 30E *7 35 E II 30 E 17 20E I 45W 7 lo W. ..^:4^i^^^ieei^\ -^r ^■■■7 irt-idw Vl^V: younger fort of our Nobility and Gen- try with a Compendious, Plealan C and Methodical Traft of MODERN GEOGRAPHT, that moft ufeful Science, which highly deferves their Regard in a peculiar Manner. After' the fame manner we may find the Surface and Solidity of the Natu- ral Globe, as alfo the whole Body of the Atmofphere furrounding the fame, provided it be always and every where of the fame Hight ; for having found the perpendicular Hight thereof by that common Experiment of the Afcent of Mercury at the Foot and Top of a Moun- tain, double the faid Hight, and add the fame to the Diametre of the Earth; then multiply the whole, as a new Diametre by its pro- per Circumference, and from the Produdl fubtraft the Solidity of the Earth, it will leave that of the Atmofphere. The given Place continuing brazen Me- ritiian, fet the Index of the Horary Circle at Noon, and turning the Globe about till the fame point at Midnight, (or the lower 1 2) the Place which then comes to the Meridian, having the fame Latitude with the former, is that of the Periaci. To knonv fwhat a Clock it is by the Globe tn any Part of the Worldy and at any time, provided you knonu the Hour of the Day luhereyou are at the fame time.But that you may readily find the true Diftance in Miles from Eaft to f Vtftt between any two Places in any Parallel of Latitude, we ihali here infert the following Table; wherein is fet down, for every Degree of Latitude, the exa£l Number of Miles, and Seconds or 60 parts of a Mile, that are anfwerable to one Degree in the E^ua* tor of Sixty Miles. o 50W 10 50 E Fcrrara, Italy Flour, Lionois, France Fermo, Tufcany, Italy Fez, Barbary, Africa finale, Genoa, Italy Florence, Tufcany, Italy Flerus, Netherlands 44 45 43 53 44 43 50 o N lo N 30 N 10 N 46 N 24 N 12 3 14 5 8 II 4 15E 48 E 15E 25 E 45 E 35E |*'onte* A TA BL Fonterabia, Bifcay, Spain Frankfort on the Oder, Germany Frankfort on the Main, Germany Freifingen, Bavaria, Germany Friburg, Suabia, Germany Frejuls, Provence, France Furnefs, Flanders Furftenburg, Suabia, Germany E. The Inhabitants of this Sphere are they who live under the £qui» nodtial Line. 20 An Oblique Sphere, is that Portion of the Globe which hath thefc three Properties^ i. *» Containing fome pkafant Geographical Problems: Prob. To find the Longitude and Latitude of any Place, By Longitude we do not here underftand that Sailors Term of Easing tnd Wejiingt but the true Diftance between the given Place and the firft Meridian infcribed on the Surface of the Globe. Place, turn the Globe till the Index points at the upper Figure of XIL which done, fix the Olobe in that Situation, and obfzive what Places are exadly under the upper Hemifphere of the brazen Meridian, for thofe are the PUoes defired. 8, To knoiv the length 9/ the Day and Night in any Place of the Earth at any time. The Inhabitants of this Sphere are thofe who live at the Poles* if we Suppofcany fuch. ig- A Right Sphere, is that Pofition of the GJohe nvhicb hath thefe three Properties^ 1 . 3, The parallel Grcles perpendicular to the Horizon. The Longitude and Latitude of any Plact being givent t9 fnd that Place on the Qlobe, Bring 'jk6 deegraphical Problems, Part I; Bring the Degtee of Longitude to the Brazen Meridian ; reckon upon the fame IVleridian the Degree of Latitude, whether South or if or thy and make a Mark with Chalk where the Reckoning endsj the Point exadlly under that Chalk is the Place defired. The Globe being redlified {a) according to the La- fa) Prob. titude of the given Place, and that Place being brought to the brazen Meridian, make a Mark exa£lly above the lame, and turning the Globe round, all thoie Places paifing under the {^d Mark have the fame Latitude with the given Place. The Month and Day being given, look for the fame upon the tvooden Horizon ; and over-againfl the Day you will find the parti- cular Sisn and Degree in which the Sun is at that Time, which Sign and Degree bemg noted in the Ecliptic, the fame is the Sun'd flace, or nearly, time defired. The Pole beins; elevated according to the Latitude of the given Place, bring the (aid Place to the brazen Meridian, and fetting the Index of the Horary Circle at the Hour of the Day, in the given.

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