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This was a daily fragrance I wore to work as a public educator.

I received compliments mainly from other women - on the street, in the grocery store, at school, at Church.

I hit a wall with florals after this and moved on to Chanel 19 around age 17/18, but my aunt from Poland was here on an extended visit 1988-1989, and she fell in love with this and it's been her signature ever since.

I remember going to Poland with her the summer of '89 when she went back.

Even if your boss does what you’re asking, that’s not a real vacation denial. So if you then tell your parents that you couldn’t get the time off, it’s still going to be a lie — even if your boss went through the motions of denying the time off at your request.

(That’s actually part of the reason that this will make you look less mature to your boss — because it’s an odd sort of game-playing.) But if you don’t want to spend that whole week at home and you don’t want to have to debate it with your parents, you’re allowed to just them that you can’t get the whole week off, without involving your boss at all.

You want your boss to think of you as an adult (which you are! Plus, if your goal is to not lie to your parents, this isn’t going to accomplish that.This is a very elegant floral with a demure womanly aura. The scent is easy to wear if you're already used to floral fragrances.If you aren't accustomed to florals and prefer gourmands or celebrity candy stuff, this is going to come off as mature or too strong. The opening notes consist of citruses and sage, green notes and marigold.Eternity is a hymn of eternal values: love, family and peace.The composition opens with fresh citrus and green notes, that is followed by the note of violet and lily-of-the-valley.

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They’ll try to make the unilateral decision about my vacation time so I can’t really just flat-out refuse to stay home if it’s an option.

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