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In February 2001, php BB 2.0.x began development entirely from scratch; the developer's ambitions for php BB had outgrown the original codebase. After a year of development and extensive testing, php BB 2.0.0, dubbed the "Super Furry" version, was released on April 4, 2002, three days later than intended.

With the announcement also came the announcement that php BB was now newly independent, and that the team leaders would be collectively taking charge of the decisions in the future of the project.

Many of the non-development teams released betas and release candidates of side projects during this time.

The first beta of Auto MOD, an automatic installer of php BB MODifications, was released by the Extensions Team (formerly known as the MOD Team) on December 22, 2008.

At the end of May, an announcement was made that Jonathan "SHS`" Stanley, the other co-Project Manager, was stepping down as well for personal reasons.

The first beta of php BB3 was released in June 2006, At the end of the month, Source announced that php BB had won the award for "Best Project for Communications", and in honour of the award, Source donated 00 in php BB's name to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

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Many administrators still prefer to run php BB2 because it provides a much simpler administration interface and has a thriving ecosystem of MODs (modifications) and styles that allow admins many options for customising the software to their liking.

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