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Maybe they’d get Alzheimer’s, and the kids would hear a story about something that kind of just bubbled up, that they’d never told. The prospect of spending the next few years touring on a record that’s largely about mortality has her thinking about her legacy (as does, doubtless, sharing her life with someone who’s left an indelible mark on popular music).“I guess when I’m done with this I want to have some music that people keep in their lives for years to come,” she says. You hope to have done some work that’s strong enough to connect with people after you’re gone. “But he carried a lot of grief around that came out later in his life.

is still Griffin’s best-selling album, but her career and her influence can’t be measured in Sound Scan numbers.When the sessions went well, she just as quickly agreed to tour behind the album, which was released under the name Band of Joy.She’d effectively be a backup singer, but she says that was okay because it would give her more time to grieve and let her do the kind of singing she grew up on, singing that could help her shed the folksinger tag she had so often been saddled with.She would get to rock.“What inspired me to sing in the first place was rock stuff, showy stuff,” she says.“I’m not going to lie, Robert was one of my vocal inspirations early on.

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