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Subjects out of bounds for journalists include discussions of democracy, the legitimacy of the regime, political corruption, HIV/AIDS, the aftermath of natural disasters and the national football team losing, Exile media outlets such as the Democratic Voice of Burma based in Oslo, Norway, seek to promote civil society efforts and freedom of expression within Burma from abroad, while attempting to offer an uncensored perspective on Burmese affairs to the rest of the world.

Reforms were passed in August 2012, lifting the censorship laws.

Unlike Radio Myanmar, other (commercial) stations are primarily entertainment stations.

However, local radio stations often play internationally known songs, re-recorded in Burmese.

She also collaborated with other male singers, most notably with Kaiser.

She achieved immense popularity starting in the late 1970s with a series of repackaged Western cover albums called Panthi Thachinmya (lit.

The country had one of the freest presses in Asia, with guarantees of freedom of the press in the 1947 Constitution.

The media gradually became the monopoly of the military junta under Ne Win.

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Several Chinese, Burmese and English-language newspapers were permitted to report news from around the country and internationally, interviewing politicians and interacting with foreign journalists, contrary to most of Burma's south-east Asian neighbours.

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