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I was actually thinking about it later in the bath…the problem is I’m straight, and I’m sorry if I led you on.Jean is disappointed, while Mindy realizes in retrospect that their nude couples massage and breast exam might have been sending the wrong message.Peter tries to recruit Morgan as his beer pong buddy, but Jeremy proves to be a beer pong prodigy.He’s also desperate to win Peter back after stealing his girlfriend.

Jeremy has assumed an American accent and the nickname “Barf” while Peter is known to everyone as “Lefty” due to a college masturbation injury.

Danny and Mindy celebrate with some road sex, only to be pulled over yet again by the same cop.

One thing that I really admire about the show is its characterization and celebration of Mindy as a confident sexual being without it being her sole trait, a la Kim Catrall on .

Deb-Deb storms out on Jean, which means that Mindy and company are doomed to the graveyard shift.

Back at the tournament, Jeremy gives Peter a pep talk and they win the beer pong championships.

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