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If a thoughtful atheist comes to believe in God as revealed in the Bible, he is very likely to act on that knowledge and be born again – like I was.

The religious lost tend to have scattered, but incoherent knowledge about Christianity, are difficult to communicate with, and are not so likely to act on truth, even when it kicks them in the nose.

There is no YOU that speaks, just brain chemistry producing sound out of your mouth. Now, was that YOU that chose to say that or just brain chemistry? And once YOU admit that YOU exist, it’s easy to figure out that God exists. Do you know who the architect was that designed and built it? Time, physics, and chance tear down structures – a consequence of the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Look – mostly rectangles, perhaps some triangles, bricks, stone, glass – if an architect wants to win an award he may throw in a curve or two. When terrorists behead a captive, your heart cries out for justice. So evolution doesn’t even rise to the level of science fiction. THERE ARE NO OBSERVATIONS OF EVOLUTION: Life always comes from life. In fact, humans come from humans, dogs from dogs, bananas from bananas.

Molecules can’t decide between good ideas and bad ideas, between logic and illogic, between right and wrong. YOU, on the other hand, are walking nanotechnology. The variations within any kind have definite limits, which has been proven by many, many experiments over the last 150 years.

In fact, if someone brushes you off with an Your real problem is whether YOU exist, not whether God exists. By this point, most atheists will be doubting their faith. Trust God to convict them of their need for the Saviour. Evolutionists have NO THEORIES, HYPOTHESES, SPECULATIONS, OR EVEN FANTASIES to address these problems. THERE IS NO FOSSIL EVIDENCE FOR EVOLUTION: The fossil record shows separate kinds throughout. Plants and insects used to be bigger and spread from pole to pole.

If there is no God, then everything is just physics and matter, molecules and forces. Relevant Scripture for atheists, but more for your benefit than for theirs: Psalm 14:1-3 and Rom -25 (note the progression in Rom 3 – accusation of functional atheism, then the law, and then the Gospel.) John -50 (how to find God) John -31 and John 1:1-14 (how to find God) Matt 7:7-8, 13-14, 21-23, Mark , 1 Peter , Rom 10:9-13 (how to find God TODAY) Psalm 10, John -21, Prov 14:6, Prov (after the atheist gets past his intellectual barriers, this is the only reason he won’t get saved) Some relevant factoids on evolution – the underlying philosophy of the atheist’s worldview: 1. Answers In org through the archived articles on these sites. THERE IS NO THEORY OF EVOLUTION: Life is too complex for time, physics, and chance. Also, from any kind (like reptiles) to another (like birds) requires the same mathematical impossibilities – WAY TOO MANY changes in the DNA. All of the paleontologists’ ‘trees of life’ show fossils only at the tips of the branches and none at the branch points. Many creatures, like dinosaurs and dodo birds, are extinct. The evidence shows that life is de-volving, not evolving. THERE IS NO TIME FOR EVOLUTION: Radioactive dating (plus hundreds of other methods) prove a “young” earth.

Atheists tend to think that Christians are ignorant followers of superstition, unenlightened by the “facts” of evolution.This table is very useful for the General Knowledge / General Awareness section of LIC AAO, SSC CGL, Banking and all other competitive exams. We are providing this Scientists and Inventions list in pdf format too. Nor the nanotechnology of life, which is way beyond man’s capabilities. Billions of dead things, buried in rock layers, laid down by water, all over the earth. The designer of life is almighty God – the Lord Jesus Christ – who walked among us 2000 years ago.

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