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A storm has blown in overnight, a complication for the Nenets, a tribe of reindeer herders who move their animals across Siberia’s frozen tundra twice a year.

The 20-person group, six families known as Brigade 20, have been camped in the same exposed spot for three days with about 3,000 reindeer, and the animals have nearly exhausted the forage.

A few years ago, while traveling in Senegal, I stopped checking e-mail for a week, only to discover once I returned home that I’d missed an assignment in neighboring Mali.

In 2015, the Center for Creative Leadership, a global research firm, found that professionals now spend an average of 13.5 hours per day online interacting with work.

During our first night on the tundra, as we headed into the bleak wilderness with the temperature plummeting below zero, I realized that without the Nenets’ guidance, we’d likely freeze to death within hours. It provided the anticipated natural wonder and river camaraderie, but it was something else that fed my soul: no service for ten continuous days.

Inside the chum, a few minutes after Alexey goes out to check the weather, I rise from my bed on the ground, slip the reindeer-fur cloak that I’ve been sleeping beneath over my head, then exit through the flap that serves as the front door. As a travel writer, my work takes me all over the world, yet I’m as tethered to my phone as the most manic tech-startup founder.

Escape and rejuvenation have, of course, always been core promises of adventure travel, but many outfitters now promote the no-gadgets aspect of their experiences.

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