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Blaine had told him that he should be careful what he said in the locker room and that he had given Blaine an idea for what imaginary lesson they were to come up with while Mr Shue and Emma were 'rediscovering their relationship' or whatever the hell it was they were doing. Maybe that had been the thing that had changed this year?

It was musical Guilty Pleasures week which was good, Sam thought because Kitty had looked rather too pleased with herself when Blaine had simply said 'Guilty Pleasures week' there was a second where Sam wondered what kind of trip down Wonderland they were going for this time but then it turned out to be the same stupid kind of fun they used to have, when Glee was fun and winning wasn't the most important thing in the world to them. Or maybe it was just Sam that had changed over the course of the summer? And that meant schools for his son, and schools meant both money and waiting lists.

"Sam pointed her in the right direction and then said as an afterthought.

Dealing with Finn, Rachel, Quinn, Puck entanglement of the last couple of years had left him pretty knowledgeable on when relationships were at the end of their run.

He was just on the way to class when he bumped into someone.

Sam only hoped there wasn't another love triangle in the making this time with Ryder as the one that was being sought after because he honestly didn't think he could stand it.

There was also well..fact that there were certain dangers that came with chatting someone up on the internet.

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