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Nearly every business uses Excel for a variety of purposes, but Excel is most commonly used only for its most basic purposes.It can be a very powerful tool for business, even when used at an intermediate level.One popular smartphone manufacturer just ditched the jack receptor this month, and it has me wondering when another 1960s or ’70s technology will begin its devolution to extinction, much like the 8-inch, 5.25- and 3.5-inch floppy disks, which also trace their roots to the 1960s.Of note, the smartphone maker that just dropped the 3.5 mm jack was also the first to drop the 3.5-inch disk. It turns out that when you extract data from enterprise systems for analysis and reports, mistakes start to creep in.

Do you really want to risk your business to an error?This class will teach users to go beyond using the basic functions of Excel as they begin to explore more complex data manipulation.Attendees will be introduced to: • Data Tables • Pivot Tables • Basic Formulas (Including Lookup Formulas) and Processes for Building Formulas • Data Extraction • General Tips, Shortcuts, and the Quick Access Toolbar Trainer: Bruce Kaufmann Bruce Kaufmann is a Senior Consultant for Emergent Partners.For example, a gene named SEPT2 often gets converted in a spreadsheet to the date “2-Sept” and, with no year identified, defaults to the current year when stored (e.g.9/2/2016) which is further converted to the date numeric of 42615.

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Now, firms are rolling out machine-learning software to suggest bets, set prices and craft hedges.

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