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Only to ruin it by flashing Alex a smirk as he motioned at his lips."Because you've got a little something there," he'd said.

Thomas is my friend, and I know more about him than he probably wishes, but I have no explanation for that.""He and I hate each other, and he's bringing me coffee, lunch, water, a pack of hair elastics, and a cupcake.He may or may not have laughed in delight and amusement. Then, he plopped down into one of the other chairs and started eating his own like this was a common occurrence for them like they were friends.Number 5: When he came back out of his tunnel vision on a project some time later, Alex found yet another cup of coffee, complete with a muffin. Who the hell was doing this and what did they want? After a few minutes of tense silence, while they ate, Jefferson then presented Alex with a chocolate cupcake that he'd picked up down the street, and then he got up and left the office like nothing had happened. Well, minus the awkward explanation about Alex starving to death or dehydrating enough for his heart to stop or whatever that mumbled mess was.Alex wouldn’t lie; he wasn’t used to getting gifts of any kind.He wasn’t fond of gifts anyway because he thought that he would owe someone after. And even without his unspoken dislike of gifts, he didn’t get many.

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